Copyright Wiicon 2013 Wiicon: Center Nürnberg Tel 1: 0049 (0) 163/6458554  Tel 2: 0049(0)1578/7958578 Fax: 0049 (0) 9187/908955 Mail: 90518 Altdorf b. Nbg. Hersbrucker Str. 7                   the competent partner for your roof structure.          "The new WRC technique (in the patenting phase) of Wiicon attacks active in the newly finished house and solid home market. "   I                                                       © reference object 2013  Here is the feedback from a customer with WRC-technology: "The result of the insulation of the roof has given us more than surprised. As in the last year (2012) informed me, there are also at high ambient temperatures with plenty of sunshine max. 26-27 ° C, so I could hardly believe it. And so it was in this summer of 2013 at least about 36 ° C really so! There were the promised 26-27 ° C not at all reached! In the attic it was partly cooler than in the hallway of the house. Thanks to your expertise We followed the recommended from you, cost-effective solution (WRC) technique, which is still better technically and more energy saving. Thanks again for that! "